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Pierce Koma



Artwork by Pierce Koma inspired by poem below



Poem by Olivia Rose

I've had an identity crisis

since the age of 5

i am the grey

blurred between the black and white

a misfitting piece

of a perfectly cut puzzle


I am all too familiar with purgatory 

Undefined space

My arms have been outstretched 

waiting to be held

but always given the cold shoulder 

Gate kept from my culture

I'm not too much like one

or the other

Locked out- doors closed 

This key doesn't seem to work

on either lock


I have the face 

But my inner self doesn't align

with my reflection in the mirror 

I feel like a by-product

A reject, scrapped


Something that doesn't belong 


Water resistant sticker is 4” tall by 3” wide

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