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Pierce Koma

FEEL Shirt

FEEL Shirt


Poem and Artwork by Pierce Koma


I let myself die by the hand of a broken man

He pushed his palms out expecting love

But was offered sand I'm a murdered man I'm out of time

Can't make up So I pick up every grain by hand

Mask my heart because dependence is the greater need to keep our minds on land

I love the pain But I'm turned down by the shame that I'm offered

Took the meds But on the wrong wave My minds being altered My hands are bleeding but

I'm too thirsty to wash it off With the holy water

Stress fills my heart

Like the breath in my lungs Eating away at my psyche And leaving little bread crumbs

Anxiety scorching my nerve endings with grief

How can he be apathetic But still feel his life tearing at the seams?

Shirt is screen printed 

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